ATV Trails in Northwest Wisconsin (WI)

Dead Horse Run Trail in Ashland County

Approximately 70 miles of forest trail on moderately rolling terrain in the Chequamegon National Forest. Trailhead is located about 3 miles north of Loretta (State Hwy. 70) immediately off of Co. Trk. GG. Contact Glidden Ranger Station. Contact: 715/264-2511.

Tri-County Recreational Corridor Trail in Ashland County

A 62-mile, improved, abandoned railroad grade that connects Ashland to Superior. Trail surface is relatively flat, but passes through scenic terrain in Ashland, Bayfield and Douglas County. Contact Tri-County Corridor Commission. Contact: 715/395-0358.

Cattail & Wild River ATV Trails in Barron County

Approximately 7.3 miles of abandoned railroad grade between Almena and Turtle Lake (Cattail Trail); and 9.8 miles of the Wild River Trail. Contact Barron County Trail Coordinator. Contact: 715/234-6260.

ATV Trails in Bayfield County

19 miles of trail extending from Port Wing to the Tri- County Recreational Corridor. Trail also connects with the Valhalla area trails. Contact Bayfield Co. Tourism & Recreation. Contact: 800/472-6338.

Valhalla Area Trail System in Bayfield County

54 miles of trails comprise the Valhalla Area Trail System in the Chequamegon National Forest. Trails connect the Valhalla Winter Sports Area with the Tri-County Corridor and Bayfield County's Battle Axe Trail. Contact Washburn Ranger District. Contact: 715/373-2667.

ATV Trails in Clark County

62 miles of trail connect various county park/camping locales within the Clark County Forest. Three parking lots serve the trail system. Contact Clark County Forestry & Parks. Contact: 715/743-5140.

ATV Trails in Douglas County

Approximately 37 miles of trail that uses parts of the Saunders Grade, Gandy Dancer, and Wild River State Trails. Contact Douglas Co. Forestry Department. Contact: 715/378-2219.

ATV Trails in Eau Claire County

Approximately 2 miles of trail that connects the Clark Co. system with the Buffalo River State Trail. Contact Eau Claire Co. Parks. Contact: 715/839-4738.

Buffalo River State Trail in Eau Claire County

36 miles of trail from Mondovi to Fairchild. Located on abandoned railroad grade in Trempealeau, Jackson and Eau Claire Counties. Contact Perrot State Park. Contact: 715/839-1607.

ATV Trails in Iron County

99 miles of trail wind through the county past lakes, waterfalls and heritage sites. Easy access to communities, lodging, restaurants and county parks. Contact Iron Co. Development Zone Council. Contact: 715/561-2922.

ATV Trails in Polk County

Cattail Trail: 18 miles of abandoned railroad grade from Amery extending to Barron County Picnic area. Restrooms available at Amery Trailhead. Clear Lake-Clayton Trail: 11 miles of railroad trail. Open all year. Somers Lake Trail: 5 miles of closed loop wooded trail. Open all year. Sterling Trail: 7 miles of closed loop wooded trail. Open June 1-November 15. For all trails, contact the Polk Co. Parks Department. Contact: 715/485-9294.

ATV Trails in Price County

Flambeau Trail System: 60 miles of signed trails on moderately rolling terrain in the Chequamegon National Forest. Trail access sites are located at the Blockhouse Lake parking area and the forest trail parking area on State Hwy. 70 east of Fifield. Camping is available at Sailor Lake Campground. Contact Park Falls Ranger Distric at 715/762-2461; or Price County Tourism Department at 800/269-4505.

ATV Trails in Price County

Chequamegon National Forest: It is the policy of the national forest that trails not specifically closed or gated to use are avialable for ATV recreation. Additionally, there are several trail systems signed and improved for ATV use. Those trail systems are described in these listings. See the Ashland, Bayfield, Price and Taylor County listings. Contact: 800/280-2267, 715/762-2461.

ATV Trails in Sawyer County

38 miles of trail signed for summer use in the Flambeau River State Forest, 715/332-5271. 9 miles of trail that connects the Park Falls/Tuscobia State Trail with Ashland County's Dead Horse Trail; and 22 miles of trail in the Seeley Hills loop east of Seeley. Contact Sawyer Co. Forestry Department, 715/634-4839. 51 miles of trail on the Tuscobia-Park Falls Trail. Located in two segments: Birchwood to Radisson and Ojibwa to Draper. Abandoned railroad grade. Contact DNR Ranger Station, 715/266-3511.

Camp 8 Trail in Taylor County

15 miles of year-round motorized trail under development in the Rib Lake area. Rustic campsites nearby. Contact Taylor Co. Forestry Dept. Contact: 715/748-1486.

Perkinstown Trail in Taylor County

20 miles of trail on gently rolling terrain in the Chequamegon National Forest. Trailhead is located about 15 miles west of Medford on State Hwy. 64 (north side of the road). Chippewa Campground is adjacent to the northern end of the trail. Contact Medford Ranger District. Contact: 715/748-4875.

Wild River Trail in Washburn County

40 miles of trail on the Washburn Co. segment of the Wild Rivers Trail. Contact the Washburn County Forestry Dept. Contact: 715/635-4490.

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