Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting at Blue Mound State Park, WI

Bison, elk, wolves and prairie chickens roamed this part of Minnesota over 150-200 years ago. Today, a herd of bison resides in the park. The park has 570 acres available for hunting deer, also has a small population of coyotes and a stable deer population.

The DNR Division of Parks and Recreation annually holds a number of special hunts in order to manage the deer population. While this effort has been relatively successful overall, there are some parks where a combination of factors, such as mild winters and undersubscribed hunts, have has allowed deer populations to expand beyond acceptable levels.

The shooting is set to begin just as spring wild flowers will be blooming and one of the best spots to see the color is Blue Mounds State Park. Blue Mounds is a tremendously popular park to camp, mountain bike, hike and just spend in. It is also the high ground for emergency action. The DNR also has used sharpshooters in Blue Mound State Park in Dane County and on private property in the area under agreements with more.

“Deer are part of the natural communities that we seek to preserve or restore in state parks,” said Ed Quinn, resource management coordinator for Minnesota State Parks. “When deer populations in an area become too high, however, they can have significant impacts on native plant and animal communities. Our overall goal is to manage the deer population in the parks so that their numbers are at a level that does not negatively affect the other natural resources. In some cases, that is best accomplished through special hunts.”

CWD Zone State Park Deer Hunting:
No person may hunt deer in Blue Mound State Park during the open deer hunting season in that park, without first obtaining a CWD State Park Deer Hunting Access Permit and property map identifying those areas closed to hunting within the park properties.
Note: Permits and maps are available at the link below and at the State Park office and all DNR Service Centers within the CWD zones. Vehicle Admission Stickers are still required. Check with the State Park office for details about all other state park rules and camping information.

Blue Mound State Park Deer Hunting Map

For Upcoming Season, Registration and Regulation Visit DNR.