Hiking in Blue Mound State Park, WI

With all the options for hiking in the Blue Mound State Park, the park map can get a little overwhelming. This page will help you plan your trip before you arrive.

First: Get a printable pdf version of the park map at the DNR site.

Second: Choose your path. Here is a small list of some (not all) of the trails in the park. Click on the maps to see a larger version with the route highlighted.

Flint Rock Nature Trail - easy
This self-guided wooded 1.5 mile trail offers interesting interpretive signs explaining the geology of the Blue Mound area. Also used as a cross-country ski trail in the winter.

Map of Flint Rock Nature Trail

Indian Marker Tree Trail - moderate
A 1/2 mile trail named for an oak tree that was bent over 100 years ago and points towards a natural spring. This is a short, intimate hike and recommended by park staff. The trail meanders along the north face of the mound through rock outcroppings. Native Americans and early settlers once used the tree marker to help locate water.
Map of Indian Marker Tree Trail

Pleasure Valley Hiking Trail - difficult
A 1 mile extension of the Pleasure Valley Ski Trail. As highlighted, this trail will take you on about a 2 mile hike through a maple forest, across a prairie, and descend into a glen of mixed hardwoods. Truly one of the best hikes in the park and highly recommended by park staff. A beautiful rock face wall is located at the bottom with water from springs seeping out of it.

**Highly Recommended**

John Minix Trail - easy
Named for the past owner John Minix, this 1 mile loop offers a gentle meandering jaunt through dense a hardwood forest. This is the easiest trail in the park. Also used as a cross country ski trail in the winter.
Map of John Minix Trail

Willow Springs Trail - easy
A 2 mile trail that winds through a mixed hardwood forest and passes a stand of willow trees near a spring that flows year-round. Also used as a cross-country ski trail in the winter.
Map of Willow Springs Trail

Blue Mound Trail Run - special event
This 25K or 14K run circles the park on the trails. The event is held on National Trails Day and is sure to be a great time next June. Proceeds benefit the Friends. A one or two loop trail run at beautiful Blue Mound State Park. Race length is 14.1 km for the single loop trail and 25.5 km for the two loop trail.The loop encompasses nearly the entire park, crossing prairies and navigating deep maple forest. The loop is about 80% shaded and has about 1.2 miles of single track per loop, the balance is ski trail. The vertical differential from top to bottom is about 420 feet. Each loop has an estimated 700-800 ft of total climbing. There will be 3 food and water stations on the course and T-shirts for all. You must have a Wisconsin state park sticker if you enter by car. Showers and food will be available at the end of the race.
Map of Blue Mound Trail Run