Canoeing at Baraboo River

Canoeing in Baraboo WI at Baraboo River

Offers a relaxing canoe outing with no rapids or falls. Portages are necessary at three dams. The lower stretches flow through two wildlife areas to its mouth on the Wisconsin River. Access is available at road crossings.

-Originating near Elroy, not far from the headwaters of the popular Kickapoo River, the Baraboo twists 120 miles to the southeast before join the Wisconsin a few miles downstream from portage. The Baraboo River in the Baraboo area is undergoing some changes. Recently all of the dams have been removed, making this the longest restored free flowing river in the US.

West of Baraboo's Hwy 12 is mostly woodland with a gentle river winding through some small rock bluffs and a bit of farmland. Starting at Hwy 12 and into town the river's pace changes significantly. The rapids are plentiful right on through town. In 2002, the final dam on the river was removed, making the Baraboo the longest river in the nation to be restored to its presettlement condition. The free-flowing "Baraboo Rapids" will be a significant attraction for people seeking more challenging canoeing or kayaking.

The Baraboo River winds for miles from north of Wisconsin Dells south and east finally draining in the Wisconsin River near Portage, Wisconsin. The Baraboo offers hours of lazy drifting as well as some small but still enjoyable rapids through the city of Baraboo.
Besides the Baraboo and Wisconsin Rivers, there are numerous lakes to experience the area’s beauty and serenity.

The Baraboo River is the only un-dammed river in the state! You can rent canoes, kayaks & rafts from Canoe & Rafting rental in Baraboo, WI or from The Old Mill Canoe & Bike in Wonewoc, WI. Enjoy a leisurely float or the excitement of some of the rapids along the way! Canoe & Rafting rental available locally.

Baraboo River for Canoeing in the city of Baraboo, - Sauk County (Southwest Wisconsin).


Baraboo River Baraboo, WI 53913
United States
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