Canoeing at Lemonweir River

Canoeing in Mauston WI at Lemonweir River

Navigable from western Juneau County, (Hwy H), to its mouth on the Wisconsin River. The current is generally moderate to slow, and portages are necessary at two dams. A number of sloughs near the mouth make it difficult to keep on the main channel.

A tributary that joins the Wisconsin River a few miles north of the dells, the Lemonweir has a wild peacefulness. Put in aththe canoe access site on County Hwy. H. This is a gentle, slow moving river.

You can see nice sanstone rock formations at Little Dells, between New Lisbon and Mauston. There are several sloughs and backwaters on this river. There are also several campgrounds along the route. Take out at the boat landing above the confluence with the wisconsin River.The Lemonweir River is a perfect paddle for folks interested in an easy paddle in what feels like a remote area in southern Wisconsin. It has a sand bottom and very low gradient.

The Wisconsin, Baraboo, and Lemonweir Rivers are all fantastic opportunities to view miles of scenicCanoeing the Lake shorelines in Juneau County. You will have plenty of canoeing and rafting opportunities, and access and canoe rentals are available at various businesses along the rivers throughout Juneau County.

Navigable the Lemonweir River from western Juneau County to its mouth on the Wisconsin River. The current on the river picks up a bit in a few spots but for the most part is a leisurely ride down river for a relaxing trip. Portages are necessary at a couple of dams if you want to go more than several miles. A number of sloughs near the mouth can make it difficult to keep on the main channel, so be sure you have your map or compass handy.

Lemonweir River for Canoeing in the city of Mauston, - Juneau County (Southwest Wisconsin).


Lemonweir River Mauston, WI 53948
United States
Phone: 608-847-1904

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